The CC-Link Partner Association Europe (CLPA) is at the forefront of digital communications; having just launched the first open industrial Ethernet to offer gigabit speeds and time-sensitive networking. The organisation’s next innovation is to use the latest digital communication technology for its exhibitions, which is why the CLPA has launched a complete virtual exhibition stand to coincide with its latest physical live show at SPS 2019 in Nuremberg.

In a mirror image of the company’s largest exhibition stand to date, all the physical product exhibits are present. Moreover, a ‘virtual’ John Browett (General Manager of the CLPA Europe) and Christoph Behler (Business Development Manager at CLPA Europe in Germany) are on the stand to provide a personal introduction and presentation in English and German respectively.

Anyone who visits SPS this year and doesn’t have enough time to explore the live physical stand fully, or indeed missed the show altogether can now visit the CLPA virtual stand in every detail. Even the popular competition involving guessing the length of the network cable is open on the virtual version.

John Browett, comments: “Our organisation is based on an open network technology, so what better way to provide access for our audience than to offer an exhibition stand experience that is open to all, no matter where you are in the world and at what time you choose to visit.”

Open 24/7 and with easy access via a web browser on any device: mobile, tablet or PC, the CLPA virtual exhibition stand for 2020 is now live for exhibition visitors at the

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