Inovo Robotics is an innovative developer of modular robot arms that are designed to make capable, versatile robotics accessible to all levels of manufacturing and industry. The business has recently secured additional development funding from the investment arm of the Williams Formula 1 team and is looking to complete consumer trials in 2019. Its founders have now launched a virtual exhibition stand through IndustryUK as they believe the platform to be a great way to communicate with their target market.

Henry Wood and Jonathan Cheung explain: “A lot of the development work for our modular robot arm was done digitally and working remotely, so we know how useful a digital platform is when it is accessible 24/7. IndustryUK represents a new medium of digital communication which will be targeting designers and engineers from various industries – all of whom could benefit from our technology.”

The Inovo stand was built bespoke by the IndustryUK team. A clean and concise look-and-feel was developed with the central focus of the stand being 3D product visualisations of the robots themselves. Stand visitors can read and watch movies about the company, robots and the 3D touch-screen control interface, alternatively they can keep up with the company’s development by following the news hotspot on the literature stand.

The Inovo stand is already live on the IndustryUK website here. When IndustryUK officially opens the full exhibition in 2019, invitations will be sent out to more than half a million engineers and technology professionals around the world.

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