Due to the demand for large stands, IndustryUK is extending the floor space available for its virtual exhibition. The volume of exhibition stands in-build and the level of interest also means the show organisers are looking at hosting a preview event during the first quarter of the year, before an official open date in April 2019.

Commenting, Nigel Borrell and Sara Gordon explain the plans.

Sara “The beauty of launching a virtual exhibition is that we can be more flexible about satisfying what exhibitors want. In this case the initial orders for large areas of exhibition floor space have been far higher than we expected. The virtual hall already has the capacity, so the available floor space is being extended. We planned to do this later in the year at one of the quarterly updates, so it is just happening sooner than expected.”

Nigel, “The requests for floor space aren’t surprising when you consider that in the virtual world you can build a much larger and more interactive stand with a lower budget. Costs are typically 10% of that for a live show. The big trend we have seen is for existing stand designs to be converted to virtual stands, this keeps the cost to an absolute minimum and makes use of valuable design assets that companies already have.”

Interest in virtual exhibition stands hosted on exhibitor’s own websites is also higher than expected, to the point where some early stands being used as demonstration examples have already received several thousand visitors.

More news on the preview event will be announced in due course, while the official launch date is 9th April 2019.

For information on space available and support with building a new virtual exhibition stand, or converting existing designs, please contact the sales team.

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